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Our detailed industry knowledge and our vast experience allow us to provide world-class transmission repair services. Our expert technicians ensure that our hassle-free service makes your transmissions long-lasting. If we can’t fix it, we don’t charge for it.

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Transmission Repair for Construction Equipments, Brantford

In the past decade, there have been various new transmissions being used at construction sites. Although the type of transmission may vary based on the requirements, every construction contractor has the same aim – to avoid downtime.

This is possible by keeping your equipment & transmissions in top notch form. Getting regular maintenance done ensures the life of the equipment is enhanced. If even after thorough maintenance a transmission fails, reach out to us to schedule repairs or component replacements.

At JR Construction Equipment Ltd, we have the skills and the tools that allow us to repair transmissions that give you the assurance that the construction equipment will perform smoothly. We take great pride in what we do which allows us to produce outstanding results every time.

We start by inspecting the transmissions to understand in depth the point of failure. We completely open them up to study them in detail and then reassemble them. Before reassembling, we inspect all shafts, bearings, clutch packs, and valves to ensure they are in top-notch condition.

What a transmission system does is convert power from its source for transmitting it into various components of an equipment. In construction equipment, there are multiple different transmissions being put to use at the same time.

If any of these fail to function properly, the whole equipment will malfunction. In fact, a lack of performance by the transmission system will lead to the failure of electrical components too. This is why transmission repairs are best left to experts like JR Construction Equipment Ltd.

Affordable Transmission Repair Service in Brantford

There is a lot that can go wrong with an equipment’s transmission which can reduce its efficiency. Whether it is transmission pump leak, overheating, loss of drive, or oil leaks – you can trust us to handle it all efficiently.

You can always maintain equipment transmissions to improve their performance, but equipment’s age and amount of usage over time will ultimately lead to some or the other faults. Sometimes, external factors like dirty oil or worn out valves and gears can become a reason for concern.

For instance, faulty and worn out gears can reduce the speed of the equipment and hamper the motor’s performance. Since this hampers the speed, the gears need to be replaced to improve transmission. But identifying faulty gears and fixing them is what doesn’t come easy.

In such situations, it’s best to work with our transmission repair mechanic to get them working brilliantly again. As we focus on repairing transmissions, we help you lower downtime as well as operating costs.

This has earned us a reputation for being the go-to repair experts for all kinds of transmission issues in construction equipment. Our repair strategies are unique and ensure they are in line with your needs. We never suggest replacement unless transmission issues are too severe.

We strive hard to provide excellent outcomes each time. At the same time, we do not believe that high quality repairs have to come at a high price. You will never find our technicians cutting corners or compromising on the quality of work as they adhere to very high standards of work quality.

Despite being the best repair professionals in the industry when it comes to transmissions, our services are charged very sensibly. This makes us equal parts dependable and affordable. Call us today to schedule an appointment and work with our team of experts.

Why Choose Us for Transmission Repair in Brantford ?

It is not easy to understand the root cause of transmission repairs. It can get complex and requires advanced diagnostic skills to recognize the exact cause of any transmission problem. Luckily, our team comes with the necessary skill set and expertise to handle all kinds of transmission problems.

We stand out from other similar service providers because we go out of our way to resolve transmission issues and pay high attention to detail at every step. Our meticulousness allows us to take care of even the most complex transmission repairs.

We are dedicated to maintaining a superior level of service when it comes to transmission repairs for all our customers. We ensure a quick turnaround time and repair in a timely manner. So our transmission repair services save you both time & money.

We come armed with state-of-the-art tools and scanners and implement modern time-tested techniques to give you the results you desire. This allows us to always leave customers feeling they got the highest value for their money.


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