Transmission Repair for Construction Equipments, Guelph

Finding expert mechanics who can resolve transmission issues in construction equipments is very challenging. It requires diagnostic skills to pinpoint transmission issues. Luckily, you can now avail expert services by calling JR Construction Equipment Ltd to take care of all your transmission issues. 

With our superior repair services, we keep your construction equipments functioning to the best of their abilities. We understand that an automatic transmission system is of paramount importance in an equipment. It needs expert care to ensure a smooth long-lasting operation. 

Our qualified construction equipment mechanics in Guelph are licensed experts in spotting and resolving transmission issues. They are second to none when it comes to handling transmission repairs even in the most complicated construction equipments. 

Before you ignore a transmission issue, it is important to understand that it can magnify overnight and lead to expensive repairs. When the problem is small, it is easy to resolve it and it prevents a huge bill in the future. 

Since construction equipment are complex with multiple interdependent parts, it is extremely difficult to diagnose faults in them. No matter how small or elaborate the transmission issue is, you can count on us to spot and resolve it in a timely manner. 

Committed to excellence, our aim has always been to provide quality workmanship that will ensure your construction equipment operates efficiently. We specialize in transmission repair services for construction equipment like concrete machines, excavators, bulldozers, asphalt pavers, and more.

Affordable Transmission Repair Service in Guelph

Transmission problems are common in construction equipment. But repairing them may cause you to shell out a huge sum. But not if you choose JR Construction Equipment Ltd. Despite our vast experience and high quality repair service, our prices are highly affordable. 

We do not believe that superior services have to cost you a lot. At the same time, we do not compromise on the quality of work to justify our economical prices. Apart from our price points, we are well known for our persistence and willingness to find the main reason for the problem.

JR Construction Equipment Ltd has many years of experience repairing construction equipment of all brands and models. Apart from transmission systems, we repair cylinders, steering & brake, gearbox, the electrical system as well as offer Hydraulic repair.

Our fully equipped mechanics are so responsive and knowledgeable that we are 100% sure you could not place your equipment in better hands. This is why we take great pride in offering quality services for all your transmission repair needs.

What most people don’t know is not all transmission problems require a replacement. In fact, more than 50% of the time a transmission problem can be resolved with a repair done by an expert. An amateur repair professional may just recommend a replacement that will cost you a hefty price.

Not us though. We know what’s best for your equipment and we only give our unbiased and honest opinions. Our comprehensive diagnostics also make it easy for you to understand what went wrong so you can be extra careful next time and reduce downtime and heavy repair expenses.

Why Choose Us for Transmission Repair in Guelph ?

We know how transmission problems slow down equipment and halt work at the site. With our help, you are saved from a lot of unnecessary overheads as our repair mechanics visit the construction to rescue you from all kinds of repair situations.

Construction equipment malfunctioning or breaking down at a construction site can create a lot of work delays. Moreover, it’s too expensive to dismantle the faulty part and send it to a repair shop. Understanding what to dismantle is also a big challenge. 

Being highly trained, our transmission repair technicians quickly perform diagnostic tests that help in identifying the root cause of the problem. Based on their experience, they provide cost-effective solutions and suggest ways to enhance the performance of the equipment. 

What sets us apart from similar construction equipment repair companies is our detailed approach towards validating each part’s efficiency. This helps us ensure that post-repair, the equipment will give the expected results.

This makes us the most reliable transmission repair company in Guelph and ensures our customers keep coming back to us. So what are you waiting for? Call us today to book an appointment and experience our world-class repair services. 


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