Gearbox Repair

Gearbox repairs are best left to the experts for successful results. We have been repairing construction equipment gearboxes for years now and have created a niche for ourselves by constantly increasing the reliability of construction equipment.

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Gearbox Repair for Construction Equipments

The good functioning of a gearbox is extremely crucial for the overall engine performance. The technicians at JR Construction Equipment Ltd can repair gearboxes to enhance their output at an affordable price.

If your gearbox is functioning poorly, it could lead to a lot of work disruption at the construction site. Fortunately, our high-quality services increase the longevity of your gearbox and allow you to continue work operations smoothly.

What Our Gearbox Repair Service Includes

Our standard gearbox repair services include a visual inspection for monitoring the condition of the gearbox and testing its components for damage. Once we are aware of the damage, engineered upgrades are made on the faulty gears to make the necessary changes for resolving the issues.


Ivy n eve BUILDER: Hutchinson’s

Ivy n eve BUILDER: Hutchinson’s

Art house BUILDER: Mirvac

Spire BUILDER: Hutchinson’s

Bulimba job

Gurner job

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