Engine Repair

Despite your best efforts, an equipment engine can give up unknowingly and put work on hold. Our premier engine repair services exist to rescue you from such situations. You can trust us to get the engine working in no time.

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Engine Repair for Construction Equipments

The engine is the heart of construction equipment and it is crucial that it functions to the best of its abilities. If you are experiencing trouble because of the engine, do not ignore it and call us immediately for expert help.

JR Construction Equipment Ltd has service mechanics who have a proven track record for engine repairs. They are adept at disassembling engine parts, identifying issues, repairing them, and attaching all the components back correctly.

What Our Engine Repair Service Includes

Our certified engine repair mechanics inspect engines for malfunctioning parts, repair worn out parts, and replace defective or broken parts. They then reassemble everything to diagnose if the electrical and mechanical systems are working flawlessly.


Ivy n eve BUILDER: Hutchinson’s

Ivy n eve BUILDER: Hutchinson’s

Art house BUILDER: Mirvac

Spire BUILDER: Hutchinson’s

Bulimba job

Gurner job

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